How to travel for less then $100 a month

Unless you plan to sell your organs, or have a sustainable income while travelling, learning to travel cheap is a valuable skill that can help you extend your travel for far longer then you imagined.

The magic keyword here is volunteering. I volunteered in a hostel in South Taiwan for a month, spending less then $70, volunteering 20 hours per week and spending my free time surfing, and hitchhiking my way through Taiwan. See my articles “Top 5 tips for hitchhiking in Taiwan” and “Top 3 hitchhiking experiences in Taiwan“.

As you might imagine, you save allot of money when you don’t have to pay for accommodation. But it doesn’t stop there, as many volunteering jobs come with extra perks. For example, my hostel provided free surfboards, bicycles, all sorts of discounts on food and drinks, and some lunchmoney for every day you volunteer. Read more about volunteering in “Travel cheap, volunteer your way through the world“.

To gain a better understanding of your expected spending, please consider this expense chart from my favourite money tracker, Money Lover.

Generated using money tracking application, Money Lover.

This chart displays spendings from my month of volunteering in Taiwan. After deducting lunchmoney, expenses came down to $67. Here’s a breakdown of my spendings:

  • Food, 86%: – $113
  • Travel, 9%: – $11
  • Medicine, 5%: – $8 

Does this mean volunteering is all you need to do? Of course not. You also need to be quick on your feet and explore your local surroundings to find the best cheap eats and develop a general mindset for sustainable travel.

Final note: If you pride yourself on consuming the most alcohol every night you won’t be able to reproduce these numbers, but there is plenty of room for fun and ample opportunity to apply this style of travel to fit your needs.



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