Food entrepreneurs: Dulan, Cape Cafe

Cape Cafe, 959, Taiwan, Taitung County, Donghe Township, Closed at 7 PM.

It’s a sunny day in Dulan, the grass is green, there’s a secluded palm tree on a cliff, and I can hear the sea. My regular spot after surfing, not a bad start of the day. I’m sitting at a wooden table drinking tea with the owner of Cape Cafe, Frederik, who agreed to awnser a few questions about his cafe.

The cafe is located on a cliff looking out on the beach and used to be the private golf course of a successful business man. Founded a year ago, Cape Cafe started with 15 seats, and without any advertising quickly grew to 60 seats. Business could be worse.

Q: Why cooking?

A: Coming from a big family, I was always used to cooking for big groups and decided to settle in Taiwan after traveling the world as a sailing instructor. The food has its origins in Spain, much like myself.

Q: What would you say your specialty is?

A: The main dishes are seafood Paella (prawn, squid, mussels and shells), spaghetti, and the side dishes are seasonal tapas. The bar serves coffee, tea, fruit smoothies and very tasty cakes.

Q: Would you say Cape Cafe has a mission?

A: Cape Cafe’s mission is to be affordable and to make use of fresh local products. For example, herbs such as cilantro, basil and mint are grown in our own garden. We like to be hands on, and all the outdoor furniture is hand made.