Cleaning the ocean, one flip flop at a time

Marine Debris Beach Clean Up Sat 12:00 UTC+08 · 439, Taichung City, Da’an District, 南莊海堤47 people interested · 33 people going

The rock is slippery, I try and get my hands around the edge and pull my self up. I can see the hot spring around the corner, I’m almost there. That’s when it happened, I broke my flip flop.

As unfortunate as this may be, the timing couldn’t be better as I meet with Andrew Lambie, owner of Subs. A New Zealand based company that organizes beach clean up events and turns recycled plastic that was fished out of the ocean into, you guessed it, flip flops! They aren’t for sale just yet but Andrew decided to give us a sneak peak.

Growing up in New Zealand, Andrew tells me that he noticed that the nature he loved started to get polluted with plastic rubbish. More and more trash appeared on the river shores, and dead animals started to wash ashore tangled in plastic.

Having experience in the flip flop business, Andrew decided to focus on creating awareness for cleaner beaches and turn the fished up plastic into flip flops. The flip flops last longer then their rubber counterpart and are fully recyclable. They’re available in one color, as recycled plastic only comes in black, but the straps come in a variate of colours. 

You can have any color you want, as long as its black Henry Ford